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23411 :

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RankModelMethod ScorePconsPcombProQ2ProQ / ProQresSumTemplateCATHAlignment
1 1e-830.3360.3750.529 2H6D_AN/A
2 3e-830.4370.4560.532 4C2V_BN/A
3 4e-830.4180.4360.508 4AF3_AN/A
4 4e-830.3580.3900.518 2VWI_BN/A
5 8e-830.4410.4590.531 4B6L_AN/A
6 1e-820.3900.4140.508 3DJ6_AN/A
7 3e-820.4270.4470.528 1PHK_AN/A
8 5e-820.3790.4060.514 2YEX_AN/A
9 7e-820.4430.4630.545 4AW0_AN/A
Marchler-Bauer A et al (2002) "CDD: a database of conserved domain alignments with links to domain three-dimensional structure." Nucleic Acids Res 30(1), 281-283. [LINK]
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