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23398 : CrCYB5D1

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RankModelMethod ScorePconsPcombProQ2ProQ / ProQresSumTemplateCATHAlignment
1 4e-130.2070.1940.140 2IBJ_AN/A
2 9e-130.2080.1900.120 1CYO_AN/A
3 1e-120.2010.1870.129 4B8N_CN/A
4 4e-120.1860.1660.084 3OZZ_BN/A
5 9e-120.0230.0250.032 1KBI_B3.
6 2e-110.1880.1710.104 2AXX_AN/A
7 3e-110.2070.1880.110 4HIN_AN/A
8 6e-110.1980.1850.133 1LJ0_A3.
9 6e-100.1050.1050.104 2KEO_AN/A
Marchler-Bauer A et al (2002) "CDD: a database of conserved domain alignments with links to domain three-dimensional structure." Nucleic Acids Res 30(1), 281-283. [LINK]
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